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We have combined the detoxification abilities of            
Clinoptilolite with Thorvin© Kelp, which is long known 
as the premier kelp in the world. Sourced from the cold 
North Atlantic Ocean. Each batch is tested for radioactive 
contamination. This problem is not well known, but most 
of the kelp on the planet is contaminated with                
radioactivity. The benefits of kelp are well known for a 
rich abundance of iodine that can support the thyroid. 
Thorvin© Kelp contains a complex array of bioavailable 
minerals, vitamins, and beneficial phytonutrients. Which 
are important for healthy metabolic function including 
digestion, skin, coat, and immune response. Thorvin© 
Kelp works by filling in micronutrient deficiencies and 
balancing minerals. It is the only kelp supplement with a 
guaranteed selenium claim. This super cleanse             
combination has shown to be a powerhouse of nutrition 
to satisfy trace mineral deficiencies and eliminate toxins 
on a daily basis. 

Super Cleanse 12 oz Powder

SKU: 300499
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