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Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil can offer support for pets with joint discomfort, mobility issues, digestive upset, anxiety and more. In combination with the antioxidants in our Organic Certified MCT Coconut Oil, this formula can also help maintain your pet’s normal immune system.


0.25 ml per every 30 lbs of your pet’s weightBased on your pet’s needs you may increase to a maximum of 2.5 ml per 30 lbs of your pet’s weightExample: a 60 lb animal receives 0.5 ml; 120 lb animal receives 1.0 ml. Administer every 4-8 hours as neededDrops can be administered in several ways, including:Placing drops on your hand and allowing your pet to lick the oilDirectly into your pet’s mouth (do not place the dropper inside the mouth)Adding drops to a Treatibles Hard Chew to create a Super Chew

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Peanut Butter Flavor 1000mg

SKU: 200863
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