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Moist and Chewy

Great chicken taste

•  Tasty, moist and chewy chicken dog treats made in the USA.
•  Small soft bite-sized Chicken treats that are sure to please, and a great training treat.
•  A great chewy chicken treat
•  Instinctive taste and texture dogs love.
•  Easy to digest soft chewy chicken bites


One of our moistest and chewiest treats

•  A moist, chewy chicken bite.
•  Small pieces that are great for small dogs!
•  Great for small dogs and older dogs who can’t chew their food well. A moist chewy treat.
•  This tasty chicken treat will be a hit with any dog size.


Easy to feed to your dog

•  Easy to feed to your dog, no need to break apart
•  Small chewy bites ready to feed to your dog with no mess
•  A healthy treat for your dog
•  Made with USA Chicken
•  One of our moistest and chewiest treats
•  Not for dogs less than 5 lbs
•  Samples available for your dog’s tasting

• Made in the USA since 2007.  Naturally made with no artificial preservatives, colors, dies, or flavoring. Sourced, processed, and packed in the USA

Chicken Thins 16 oz.

SKU: 291453
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